UNDER CONSTRUCTION. New OOIIO design house in Madrid. (Jun_2019).

OOIIO Architects begins the construction of a new design house in Madrid, in the fashionable residential district of Montecarmelo, at the north of the city. Casa Arnedillo is the name of this new efficient house with modern design that we will soon see growing up in a narrow and quiet street, ideal to live in […]

AWARD. Design house by OOIIO wins International Architecture Prize. (May_2019).

Casa Velázquez, designed and built by OOIIO Architecture wins the Silver A’Design Award for its high architectural quality as a single-family residential project. The award was presented at a gala held in the beautiful Teatro Sociale of the town of Olmo in front of Lake Como, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, in the […]

Article about OOIIO in Marie Claire magazine. (Apr_2019).

The well-known French magazine Marie Claire publishes an article about OOIIO Architecture in the special of decoration and home “the essentials of Marie Claire”. It analyses the trajectory and work of the first nine years of OOIIO, highlighting the identity of the studio, very marked by the context of deep economic crisis in which the […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Turnkey Integral Reform Project. (Feb_2019).

OOIIO Architecture begins the construction works of a new turnkey integral reform project in Madrid. At the moment in this architecture studio there are 6 projects of this kind underway, in different phases that little by little we will share with everyone so that you can contemplate the possibilities that OOIIO finds in the places […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). House in the Mountains of Madrid. (Jan_2019).

OOIIO Architecture Studio begin 2019 with several unique housing projects under construction. This is the case, for example, of the BUS House, currently growing in the mountains at the North of Madrid, in Bustarviejo, a small town of 2,500 inhabitants that is 1,250 meters above sea level. For this house in the mountains the architects […]

OOIIO Architecture, specialists in Unique Homes. (Dec_2018).

OOIIO Architecture was consolidated in 2018 as one of the best architecture studios in Madrid specializing in the design and execution of unique homes, thanks to several works completed successfully. The vocation of OOIIO with the boutique residential architecture arises from the very foundational moment of the company, in 2009, towards the beginning of the […]

LECTURE. (Poland). New Generations Festival. (Nov_2018).

Joaquín Millán, representing the OOIIO studio, gives a lecture in Warsaw, Poland, within the “New Generations in Architecture Festival, 2018″, an event that brings together 25 leading emerging architecture studios from all over Europe. Joaquín Millán´s lecture is about how OOIIO is organized internally and the different methods the studio has followed to grow and […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Housing Project in Toledo. (Oct_2018).

Construction work begins on a new housing project in Toledo, Casa LUC, a singular single-family residence designed and executed by the OOIIO architecture studio. It is a spacious and comfortable home that will be filled with natural light everywhere thanks to a series of terraces and patios strategically arranged, so inside the interiors you will […]

Light and Shadow, as Architecture Keys. (Sep_2018).

Le Corbusier already said it with his famous definition quote of Architecture (1920) ” Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light. And nothing could be more true. The light, for the mere fact of allowing us to see the architecture, already has in itself a great architectural importance. […]

AWARD. Refurbishment of the Plaza de Íscar. (Ago_2018).

The architecture studio OOIIO wins the 1st Accésit in the contest for the refurbishment of the Plaza Mayor de Íscar, Valladolid, as well as the conditioning of its immediate surroundings, which comprises approximately an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters, where it is intended to achieve a space multi-functional on a free program that allows […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Our architecture studio grows up! (Ago_2018).

The OOIIO architecture studio, specialized in the design and execution of singular projects, has 6 of their last projects under construction at the moment. In addition, the architects have just delivered another 4 projects this summer, signing the Final Certificate of Construction Works, concluding with success all the long and hard work process since one […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Flat Refurbishment in Madrid. (JUN_2018).

OOIIO designs a flat refurbishment in Madrid, with the aim of radically transforming the appearance of an old apartment in the Madrid Río area. The clients asked to OOIIO´s architects for an original and different project, something fresh that does not resemble at all the previous state of the apartment, which had the classic look […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Two houses in Montecarmelo, Madrid. (May _2018).

OOIIO begins the construction of two houses in Montecarmelo, one of the most fashionable residential neighborhoods of Madrid. The architecture studio has designed with care and hard work every corner of these houses. The project phase has involved a thorough study of the way of life of our customers, what they expect from their new […]

Architecture AWARD. (International). WAN Small Space. (Apr_2018).

The new information and tourism office designed by OOIIO Arquitectura for the Cabildo de Lanzarote at the airport of Arrecife, Canary Islands, has been one of the 6 finalist works of the prestigious international architecture awards WAN, in the category of Small Buildings. For the prize participated works built in the United States, Finland, the […]

LECTURE. (Spain). IV Art & Design Week of Guadalajara. (Mar_2018).

‘Elena de la Cruz’ Art School welcomes from Monday a conference dedicated to refugees in art. The School of Art ‘Elena de la Cruz’, dependent of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the regional government of Castilla La Mancha, hosts between the 19 and 23 March the IV Guadalajara Art & Design Week […]

OOIIO, Home Builders in Madrid. (Mar_2018).

OOIIO Architecture, with experience among the construction companies of houses in Madrid. All our projects always seek a unique and original solution that believes and bets for a unique design. We understand architecture not only as a construction of logical and functional spaces, but as a creative exercise. Through it, we can transmit certain emotions […]

AWARD. (Spain). OOIIO Architecture wins prize in “Europan 14″. (Mar_2018).

OOIIO attends at the invitation of the Junta de Extremadura and with the participation of the Official College of Architects of Extremadura (COADE), to the presentation and delivery of the International Urbanism Award for Young Architects Europan 14, chaired by the Hon. Mr. Guillermo Fernández-Vara, President of the Board of Extremadura, Mr. Antonio Aguilar Mediavilla, […]

PRIZE. (USA). American Architecture Prize to the best Urban Design. (Feb_2018).

Over 250 guests including some of the world’s best architects and designers, attended the second annual American Architecture Prize Winners Cocktail Evening at the New Museum in New York City on October 27, 2017. Architecture changes lives as well as landscapes. AAP – The American Architecture Prize™ is set to become one of the most […]

OOIIO. (Spain). Learning from Tradition in Contemporary Architecture. (Feb_2018).

La Tradición que perdura. In OOIIO we understand bioclimatic architecture as the one that optimizes its energy in relation with the environment thanks to a good architectural design. When we say “bioclimatic” we want to focus in the influence that man has, the “bios”, as the final user of architecture, facing the external environment, the […]

Housing Projects in Madrid. (Feb_2018).

Housing projects in Madrid: natural light, a relevant item in our proposals Sunlight is for OOIIO Architecture the most important material to take into account when carrying out a project. For this reason, in our housing projects in Madrid you will always find natural light as the main protagonist. It is a resource that we […]

INTERVIEW. (Spain). OOIIO´s new refurbishment project on TV. (Jan_2018).

OOIIO concludes the refurbishment works of an old Haystack in Toledo, Spain. Castilla La Mancha TV interviews Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s founder and responsible architect for the transformation of these old agricultural spaces in disuse. For OOIIO, betting on refurbishment and not on demolishing this type of old buildings is without any doubt a guarantee of […]

OOIIO. (Spain). Renewable Energies in Domestic Architecture. (Jan_2018).

Begins 2018 and it is mandatory to look back to see what data has left us in 2017. Among many analyzes in relation to the current policy of the country, economy, housing prices, architecture and construction … etc, we have found a positive and quite hopeful fact that we did not expect: “Both nuclear energy […]

AWARD. (International). OOIIO wins Merit Award in “Europan 14″. (Dic_2017).

OOIIO Architecture wins Special Mention in the “Europan 14″, the most important urban architecture competition for young architects at an international level. The project was presented as a comic, exploring new forms of architectural representation. Among the entrepreneurs of tourism in Palma de Mallorca is known as “Arenal Effect”, to the negative effect for the […]

INTERVIEW. (Spain). Joaquin Millan explains OOIIO´s projects on TV. (Nov_2017).

Joaquin Millan, director and founder of the Emerging Architecture Studio OOIIO explains in a TV interview the public space projects designed and executed in the Castilian city of Talavera de la Reina, recently awarded with the American Architecture Award to the best International Public Space Design. These projects designed by OOIIO have been published in […]

PRIZE. (USA). American Architecture Prize for Urban Design. (Oct_2017).

The projects designed and executed by OOIIO Architecture for the refurbishment of San Miguel and El Salvador squares in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, have received the important international award “American Architecture Prize” for Urban Design. The award will be presented on gala to be held at the New Museum Sky Room in New York, […]

OOIIO. (Spain). We are investing in Research + Development. (Sep_2017).

OOIIO invests in Research + Development betting on research in new fields of work. We love to embark on new challenges as are each project that comes to the studio. This time in the form of competitions, which require a new way of thinking and understanding the space, covering the needs that each particular enunciation […]

OOIIO. (Spain). We are a multicultural team! ;-) . (Sep_2017).

The OOIIO family continues to grow and this summer we have been very well accompanied. We welcome new colleagues from Italy, Poland, France, Turkey and Brazil, who expand and enrich the team by providing different approaches that are generated by uniting the same passion, architecture. This training has been developed in different countries, giving rise […]

Chandigarh, the city designed by Le Corbusier. (Ago_17)

Following in the footsteps of great masters such as Le Corbusier, OOIIO visits India, a country that does not leave you indifferent. Visiting Chandigarh, the only urban project executed by Le Corbusier, we could appreciate the traces of a city that, in contrast to the traditional labyrinthine framework of the rest of Indian cities, responds […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Building Renovation in Yepes. (Jul_2017).

The three-story building renovation works in Yepes, Toledo, have already begun. The main objective of our intervention is to improve the accessibility and energy efficiency of the old building located in a very central point of the town. In order to carry out the works properly, a scaffolding has been erected that covers the entire […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Single family Home. (Jul_2017).

Casa LH is a single family home project designed by OOIIO Architecture in Las Herencias, a small town in the province of Toledo with quiet streets and friendly family life. Our project pretends to adapt to that place in a discreet way and without constructive excesses that can suppose a rupture or strong contrast. The […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Housing Project in Toledo. (Jun _2017)

The works of Casa Velázquez in Mora, Toledo, continue in progress – another housing project in Toledo designed by the OOIIO architecture studio. We are sure that this house will not leave indifferent anyone who finds it walking through the streets of Mora. It is a house in three heights with a very worked out […]

PRESENTATION. (Spain). Talavera´s Urban Projects. (Jun_2017).

The “Association of Architects for Talavera” APORTA, invited OOIIO´s team to make a presentation of the public space projects designed by OOIIO in the city of Talavera. The event was organized in a series of Guided Visits by the architects who designed the different squares that were refurbished in the city thanks to the URBAN […]

PRIZE. (United Kingdom). BD Awards Ceremony in London. (May_2017).

OOIIO team attends the awards ceremony of the BD Awards in London as Young Architect of the Year 2016 nominees. The ceremony was held at The Brewery, London, attended by hundreds of architects from all over Europe. OOIIO was among the 8 studies nominated in the category YAYA Award (Young Architect of the Year Award). […]

EN CONSTRUCCIÓN. (España). Reforma en Toledo de un pajar. (Abr_2017).

Las obras de reforma en Toledo de un antiguo pajar diseñado por el estudio de arquitectura OOIIO avanzan poco a poco, y ya se empiezan a adivinar los resultados. Al tratarse de un trabajo de reforma de estructuras antiguas, el proyecto está siempre abierto, de forma que nunca sabemos con lo que nos vamos a […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Casa Albania. (Apr_2017).

Construction works continues on Casa Albania designed by OOIIO in Ciudad Real, Spain. It is a new single-family dwelling very well worked by the architects of the studio, with the ambition to achieve an excellent result within very tight budgets. The work is being executed quickly and cleanly, as it was foreseen in project and […]

PREMIO. (Internacional). Finalistas de los WAN Awards. (Abr_2017).

Los proyectos de espacio público de OOIIO para las plazas de San Miguel y el Salvador de Talavera de la Reina han quedado entre los 6 Finalistas internacionales de los premios WAN Award de Arquitectura. Se trata de un gran honor para todo el equipo que ha visto como los primeros proyectos del estudio en […]

EN CONSTRUCCIÓN. (España). Comienza la obra de la Casa GAS. (Feb_2017).

Comienzan las obras de la Casa GAS en Mora, Toledo. Otro trabajo de OOIIO para viviendas unifamiliares en Castilla La Mancha. Se trata de un proyecto de vivienda muy especial, lleno de estilo y elegancia, basado en la re-interpretación de lo antiguo. La llamamos la “casa de los 4 patios” por esos pozos de luz […]

PRIZE. (Spain). OOIIO wins Merit Award in the Competition for the VIP Room of ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair. (Nov_2016).

OOIIO wins MERIT AWARD for their work “DIGITAL LANDSCAPE” together with Jesús Reyes García. The members of the jury highly valued our imaginative and innovative proposal. The panel consisted of great professionals like Alberto Campo Baeza (Architect), Izaskun Chinchilla (Architect winning the project in 2016), Maria Entrecanales (Member of the Advisory Board of the ARCO […]

PROYECTO CONSTRUIDO. (España). Inaugurado el i-Rock en Lanzarote. (Jul_2016).

La nueva oficina de información turística del aeropuerto fue inaugurada por el presidente del Cabildo, Pedro San Ginés, que considera que ‘ofrecerá una recepción más acorde a la calidad del destino’ I-Rock es la nueva oficina de información turística de Turismo Lanzarote en la zona de llegadas de la T-1 del aeropuerto de Guacimeta. La […]

LECTURE. (Ecuador). 2nd Iberoamerican Architectural Academic Biennial. Cuenca, Ecuador. (Jun_2016)

OOIIO participates as lecturer at the 2nd Iberoamerican Architectural Academic Biennial (ARQA) celebrated in Cuenca, Ecuador, presenting several of the latest OOIIO projects designed on the past years and showing the OOIIO techniques for the development of different scale projects. Event Organization Description: “ARQA Targets: a. To provide an international forum of the highest academic […]

LECTURE. (Spain). Architectonic Visions: Innovation and Sustainability in Architecture. Barcelona, Spain. (Apr_2016).

OOIIO participates as lecturer in the event “Architectonic Visions: Innovation and Sustainability in Architecture” celebrated the 28th of April in the Estrella Damm Cultural Center in Barcelona, showing 3 of the latest OOIIO´s built projects. Event presentation by the organization: “The new constructive paradigm must be based on a model of sustainable and responsible development, […]

CONFERENCIA. (España). “Luz, Eficiencia y Arquitectura”, Madrid. (Oct_2015).

Joaquín Millán presenta los últimos proyectos de OOIIO como conferenciante en el evento “Luz, Eficiencia y Arquitectura” organizado por el Grupo Vía Construcción en Madrid. Joaquín habló de la importancia de la luz natural en la arquitectura, hasta el punto de que para él es el principal material en la construcción de todo edificio. El […]

EN CONSTRUCCIÓN. (España). Comienza la obra del i-Rock en Lanzarote. (Jul_2015).

Arranca la construcción del proyecto de OOIIO para la oficina de atención a turistas del Patronato de Turismo del Cabildo de Lanzarote en el aeropuerto de Arrecife, Islas Canarias, España. El pequeño edificio es muy importante para los responsables del turismo canario, principal fuente de ingresos de la región, ya que se sitúa en la […]

LECTURE. (Spain). “Workshop Internacionalization”. La Sede COAM, Madrid. (Oct-2014).

OOIIO is invited to lecture about their international projects in Peru and Brazil on the IX Madrid Week of Architecture. Those lectures about internationalization of Spanish and Madrilène architecture were organized by PINTA Platform at Madrid Chamber of Architects Headquarters in Spain. Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s founder, presented several projects and living experiences at the workshop, […]

SEMINAR. (Italy). “Europan 12 Intersessions”. Pavia University. (Sep_2014).

OOIIO was invited to participate on the lectures, workshops and debates about urbanism organized by Europan 12 Seminar together with the Università degli Studi di Pavia (Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture) in Italy. The Inter-Sessions Forum sets up the meeting between the E12 actors (cities, juries and winning teams) and the E13 actors (new […]

LECTURE. (Spain). Integration of the disabled. UNED, Madrid. (Nov_2014).

OOIIO explains at Escuelas Pías in Lavapiés, Madrid, the different work methods used in the studio during the past months for the integration of the disabled together with disabled people working in the studio, following UNED programs and the importance of the new technologies for overcoming barriers.

LECTURE. (Spain). Young Architects with Projects. (Jun_2014)

OOIIO is invited to lecture at the event Young Architects with Projects organized by Grupo Via. Several OOIIO projects where shown that day and the studio work method until today, with its mistakes and success, sharing experiences and lecture with some of the most important and promising architecture studios on Spain nowadays.

EXHIBITION. (Spain). Furniture Design. La Sede COAM, Madrid. (Oct_2014).

OOIIO THINGS, the furniture design and industrial objects section of the OOIIO studio, presented some of its latest creations within the Architects Design Market of Madrid at the Headquarters of the Official College of Architects of Madrid (C / Hortaleza, 63). Many people from Madrid who passed by were able to check, sit and touch […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). House R+ breaks ground in Toledo. (May_2014).

OOIIO start to build another project, the R + House, in the town of Mora. It is a single family house located in a quite narrow street, which will certainly make the construction very complex. In addition, the site is surrounded by several very old adobe walls that we will have to contain in order […]

PRIZE. (Spain). OOIIO wins 1st prize. (Mar_2014).

Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s Founder and Creative Director, receives the 1st Prize of the competition won by OOIIO for the Rehabilitation of Plaza del Salvador in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Ms María Rodríguez Ruiz, from Talavera´s Council gives him the Prize. The project designed by OOIIO called “Culture Square” consist on the transformation of the […]

EXHIBITION. (Peru). “Desde adentro”. (Feb_2014).

OOIIO´s work exposed in Lima, Peru, on 2013 southern summer. Several OOIIO´s projects in Latin America were shown first time to public in this exhibition with a good reception from the local Southamerican visitors. Among others where shown: Multipatios Dwellings in Lima, Rock and Roll Houses, Hotel Unbalance, and San Ramón Church.

EXHIBITION. (Finland). “Europan 12″. (Jan_2014).

The OOIIO´s project awarded with 2nd “Europan 12″ Prize at the exhibition organized by the Finnish Chamber of Architects in Helsinki and Kuopio, Finland. Enlace a la presentación de la exposición en la web de Europan Finlandia

PRIZE. (Finland). OOIIO wins Award in Europan. (Dic_2013).

OOIIO wins 2nd Prize in the International Architecture Competition “Europan 12″ with their project in Kuopio, Finland. All the OOIIO´s team that worked on the project design went to Finland for the award ceremony celebrated in Helsinki the past December 13th 2014. Link to the awarded project.

INTERVIEW. (Spain). Export Possibilities of Spanish Architecture. (Oct_2013).

Joaquín Millán, director and founder of OOIIO along with 12 other architects from Madrid were interviewed by the Vía Group about the export possibilities of Spanish Architecture beyond its borders, in a context in which internationalization is shown as one of the resources to survive of the studies of architecture of the country in front […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). House SS2 breaks ground in Toledo. (Sep_2013).

House SS2 breaks ground! Construction works finally begun. It is a project for a Single Family House which is certainly a commitment to explore more contemporary and new ways of living in a rural environment. The volumetric richness of this house will not remain indifferent to the neighbors in this La Mancha village, which will […]

INTERVIEW. (USA). OOIIO´s Unbalance Hotel at CNN. (Ago_2013)

North American channel CNN interviews Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s Founder and Creativity Director, about the iconic office hotel project designed for Lima, Peruvian capital. Here some interview sentences: “Designed by Spanish architecture firm OOIIO, the Unbalance Hotel (the project’s working title) resembles a tilted photo frame at the edge of a high cliff in Lima, Peru.” […]

INTERVIEW. (Spain). Internationalization. (Jun_2013).

Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s Founder and Creative Director, participates on a lecture-interview about internationalization of architecture, talking about OOIIO´s experiences in Peru, at Castilla La Mancha Chamber of Architects Headquarters in Toledo, Spain. Link to the lectures program.

LECTURE. (Italy). OOIIO at Chamber of Architects of Milan. (May_2013).

OOIIO shows its latest works at Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. della Provincia di Milano, on the lecture organized by the European Association for the Architecture “Wonderland” the past month of May in the Italian city. Joaquín Millán, representing OOIIO, talked about the office progress though a very complicated economical context and how an architectural […]

LECTURE. (Spain). “OOIIO Work In Progress”. (May_2012).

Several architects from OOIIO Architecture team lectured about the latest OOIIO´s works at the Headquarters of the COACM, in Toledo, Spain. The presentation “Work in Progress” was focused on the competitions developed by the architects in northern Europe. Link to the presentation video.

INTERVIEW. National Moroccan Television. (Mar_2012).

  The Second National Moroccan Television Channel “2M” interview Joaquín Millán, Founder and Creative Director of OOIIO in Tangier, Morocco, talking about the cooperation opportunities between Spanish and Moroccan construction markets.

LECTURE. (Spain). “The Architectural Transhumance”. (Oct_2011).

Joaquín Millán exposes on a lecture the different strategies of OOIIO trying to develop their architectural career under a very complex economical context. The international economical crisis is hitting strongly Europe, and specially Spain, where OOIIO is based. The lecture was on “Círculo de Arte” in Toledo, Spain, into the events organized by the Architects […]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). House C in Ciudalcampo, Madrid. (Dic_2010).

The construction works for House C has already begun. The project conceptualized by OOIIO aims to define a very special and attractive house in one of Spainish most exclusive residential areas. Due to the complexity of the building is expected to extend the works over several months. Gradually we will see how this under construction […]

LECTURE. (Spain). “Architects 30 – 30 minutes”. (Oct_2010).

Joaquín Millán presents the work of the OOIIO studio in Toledo, Spain. The conference organized by the Chamber of Architects of Castilla La Mancha, within the initiative “Architects 30 – 30 minutes” in which there are a series of quick talks of half an hour each one thus achieving a broad and fresh vision of […]

TEACHING. (Spain). Sustainability in Architecture. (Jun_2010).

Joaquín Millán teaches about Sustainability in Architecture on a seminar at ETSAM (Madrid Architecture School ) from the UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid), lead by professor Carlos Asensio, related with the International Sustainable Construction Program “Solar Decathlon Europe”. The name of the Seminar is “From Single Family Homes to Multi-Family Dwellings” and it will be […]