NB House

Fragmentation and Dynamism

The client didn´t want a too large house, and from the first moment we tried to look for a strategy that could get views over the whole plot and landscape with a not very big house. This is why we came up with the solution of exploding the villa program and create five different pieces that are strategically oriented to obtain personalized views from each space, so the house doesn´t get too monotonous thanks to the relation villa-landscape, richer and helping us to increase the sensation of being on a larger house than the reality. If you walk through chain of spaces with different orientations, you have the perception that you have seen more things than if you just walk into one space with one view.

There are 4 short pieces are surrounding a larger one. This central piece is the living room-studio space, and is completely open to the landscape. Is like a covered patio, where you can stay under a comfortable shadow of the strong Toledo sun, looking to the garden.

The shorter pieces are specialized, each one holds a particular program, like kitchen (piece 1), main bedroom with bathroom and dressing room (piece 2), secondary bedrooms and bathroom (piece 3) and server room and warehouse (piece 4). Those ones are closed to protect the central open space from the very hot summers and cold winters in Toledo. The sun orientation is very important for the different pieces allocation and openings.
Each block has also a different façade color. All of them are ventilated double façade of local ceramic panels, to increase the house climatic protection. Cross ventilations and geothermal energy system for cooling and heating are other of the sustainable house aspects, getting all together a very efficient villa able to work with a low energy demand.

  • Status: Bidding Phase for start Construction.
  • Project Year: 2011- .
  • Location: Toledo, Spain.
  • Area: 240 m2.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture
  • Team: Joaquin Millan, Belen Gomez, Cristina Vicario, Adel Sahyoun.
  • Building Engineer: Montserrat Izquierdo.
  • Construction Safely Manager: Montserrat Izquierdo.
  • Structures: Almudena Majano.
  • Facilities: Almudena Majano.
  • Client: Private