Casa Velázquez

The pixelized dwelling

OOIIO Architecture, specialized in Singular Architecture, completes the construction of a new house in the province of Toledo, central Spain, where the team has previously built several single-family homes for other clients.

Velazquez House intends to seek a great formal and material expressiveness using low resources, in a plot located in an environment without any attractive architectural or cultural references to be able to dialogue with them.
The keys that have been followed in the design of the project are the game with natural light and formal richness.

Sunlight enters everywhere in every corner of the house through patios, skylights or windows. It is fundamental in the interior! The architects of OOIIO understand it as another material to work with. Each hole in the façade or roof is strategically designed to create attractive, bright and cheerful interiors.

The formal wealth and the volumetric expressiveness was very important for the clients from the beginning of the project, but the architects had to achieve it in a simple way, without structural excesses or budget overruns. For this reason the architects designed a strategy based on compositional games of cubic volumes spread out over the plot in a very studied way, so the clients´ family life can pass through with simplicity among the different pieces that are twinned to make the house.

The house is presented as a set of pixels, spatial blocks crowded together, like a crystallized mineral. This organic, stony, condition of the house is also transferred to the design of its interiors, playing with marbled or mineral-like materials, thus emphasizing the idea of the project also inside the house.

The natural (and artificial) light and its play of shadows and nuances on the facades of the house is also key to reinforce the expressiveness sought from the beginning in the project of this house.

It is, therefore, a house in two heights with a composition very well worked, so all the spaces that conform it are expressed in their own way to the outside, with their own volumetric envelope and different materials, thus achieving that the house is a cluster of cubic pieces of clean and rotund geometry.

Casa Velázquez is a new example built by OOIIO Architecture studio as architects specialized in single-family homes, in this case in Central Spain, developed with a careful design tailored to the needs of the customers.

  • Estado: Construido.
  • Año de Proyecto: 2016-2018.
  • Localización: Mora, Toledo.
  • Superficie: 220,80 m2
  • Diseño: OOIIO Arquitectura.
  • Equipo: Joaquin Millán Villamuelas, Natalia Garmendia Cobo, Alessio Runci, Pilar Bolaños Almeida, Paolo Mercorillo.
  • Estructuras: Consultora CPE, Juan Vallejo.
  • Instalaciones: Agroser Ingenieros.
  • Ingeniero de la Edificación: Esteban Martín-Tesorero Cano.
  • Seguridad y Salud: Esteban Martín-Tesorero Cano.
  • Cliente: Privado.
  • Constructora: Construcciones y Reformas Carrión.