Eco-Offices Peru

Stair of Patios.

Lima and the whole Peru are enjoying a very interesting openness and growth time. It is the perfect moment to build new types of constructions on the city.

Everywhere in Lima we can see how tall buildings are growing where no too long time ago we use to see low constructions. There is an interesting densification process that is becoming Lima more efficient and sustainable city, because their inhabitants will be using less natural space for daily life.

Our plot in Avenida Alfredo Benavides is following this densification process.
To get a better building we propose the following simple but efficient and clever innovations on its design:
Bioclimatic Innovations:
- No to dark useless vertical patios! Yes to multifunctional diagonal patios!
To create a more efficient building, and studying the building height, the narrow plot and the large program requested for the client, we believe that a vertical patio will not actually introduce enough light to the lower levels, and will be a big offices space waste. This is why we propose change 1 traditional vertical void for 3 innovative diagonal patios, with multiple benefits: we will get cross ventilation from north-south facades, now we can use this patio as break area for the offices, to enjoy fresh air and light, we will get illumination inside them thanks to a simple mirror brise-soleils that will reflect the light in.
- Local “garúa” as an opportunity for getting water!
It doesn´t rain quite often in Lima, but there is a high humidity. The traditional Lima´s “garúa” is a fog that contains a lot of water. This is a fantastic opportunity that we could use for buildings. Thanks to a simple and slim double façade, we will collect from the air this humidity and it will condense and precipitate into water tanks used for irrigate vertical gardens that will grow in front of the offices facades, creating nice interior environments and protecting the building from uncomfortable direct light or the cars noise from busy Avenida Alfredo Benavides street.
Programmatic innovations:
- Starting from satisfy the client demand of design flexible offices floors that could be rent as one big office or multiple smaller offices, up to 4, we has divide the floor program in 2 space types: “A” the common work areas and “B” those spaces that could be used for “A” zone workers to get a more efficient work environment, like meeting rooms, break areas (related to the diagonal patios), office kitchen, etc.
- All “B” areas are organized on a large zigzag, shown on the façades and related to the diagonal patios that create also special levels (3rd, 6th, and rooftop) that we propose as open floors, that can be quite profitable for the client if they hold multiple events for the offices or external, lecture rooms, exhibitions, etc. contributing to become this building a landmark, a reference construction for Lima.
- Rooftop will hold a pool, café and break area for both external and building users.

  • Status: Competition.
  • Project Year:: 2013.
  • Location: Lima, Peru.
  • Area: 7.300 m2.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Patricia Moreno Blaso, Sergio González Gómez, Juan Naranjo García.
  • Client: Private