The Architecture and The Refugees Tale

OOIIO in Venize Biennale 2016.

OOIIO Architecture wins the “Unfinished” ideas competition organized by the Spanish Pavilion for the Venize Biennale 2016 with the project “The Architecture and The Refugees Tale” and will be exhibited at the Pavilion.

Alejandro Aravena’s proposal for the Architecture Venize Biennale 2016, “Reporting from the front”, invites each country to share experiences and moments of crisis that architecture has experienced in recent years. The proposal calls for a reflection on the mistakes in order to share solutions that may allow other countries to anticipate and avoid similar situations.

During the last period of economic growth in Spain, construction became the main driving force of the economy. Today, reality reveals us the built presence and the unfinished remains of what once was the largest edificatory enterprise in Spanish history, leaving behind a difficult situation in which to deal with partially constructed large volumes which are not consolidated.

Under the title “Unfinished”, the exhibition in the Spanish Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2016 draws attention to these unfinished architectures in order to discover virtues that can become design strategies. Robert Venturi, referring to the Farnsworth House, points out how architects are highly selective in determining those problems they want to solve often giving up solving others.

“Unfinished” wants to be a reflection on the architectures born out of the resignation to respond to certain aspects. In order to do so, the exhibition will promote creative speculation about how to subvert the past condition into a positive contemporary action.

  • Status: Competition. 1st Prize. Showed in the Spanish Pavillion for the Venize Biennale.
  • Project Year: 2016.
  • Location: Venize, Italy.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Alejandra Sánchez Vázquez, Gaetano Carambia, Marta Muñoz Hermoso.
  • Client: Spanish Pavilion for the Venize Biennale 2016.