"Vienna's Ribbon" Urban Center

Urban Swing for Sports and Culture.

How to create a new urban center for the city of Vienna?

A city node is a mix of a lot of tangible and non tangible things, making all together an urban landscape very rich in psychological and social links.

The proposed competition plot nowadays has a strong interior commercial program, but no one building or space able to promote the district social cohesion or other kind of activities able to bring the needed complexity here, to transform the area into a real urban center.

This huge commercial center is able to bring people from all around Austria by itself, but the users go inside the big shop galleries forgetting completely about the exterior urban space. This shopping mall is located here, but could work on the same way if it is placed anywhere else with a similar connection to the city transports net.

This denial of the urban context is affecting directly to the mall urban surroundings, where we can find now degraded boring buildings and non interesting open urban areas that can be organized on two types:
- the boulevard, which crosses the whole district and today is more an urban barrier dividing different city landscapes (family residences on its south, commercial and tall apartment buildings at north), showing up also like a non accessible green area.
- the open squares close to the mall, used like parking plus spaces that you just need to cross to get inside the shopping galleries.
No one of both, boring buildings and degraded open squares, bring any representative space and/or construction that could bring a distinctive identity, adherence or belonging feeling to the area inhabitants. There is a lack of architectural charm on the site!.

One of the most important aspects of any good construction is the capacity for giving emotions to the users, recall sensations, bring poetry to society, and make people gather.
Following this ideal, we are proposing here a optimistic, very visual and fresh construction to transform completely the spirit of this district, the WIENS SCHLEIFE (“Vienna´s Ribbon” Urban Center)

We believe that the best way of popping up this degraded area with a quite moderate inversion is creating the playful running and cycling training track.

With this simple but iconic construction we are sure that we can bring multiple new urban conditions to this Vienna district, becoming immediately a new landmark for the city, being used not only for the area neighbors, also for far away city inhabitants.

Suddenly with this construction the zone will show up to the rest of Vienna like a fresh, healthy and sportive area, not only this place where the huge shopping mall is.

The track will play with the current degraded spaces and also with the existing buildings, discovering to all a new way of understanding the area, with dozens of new viewpoints and hints that where hidden for the citizens before.

Recycling the existing buildings and creating a new cultural hub for the city on them we will complete the intervention, bringing here new activities like cultural center, entrepreneurs co-work, kindergarten, urban agriculture lighthouses… plus the open air activities that will happen on the new spaces created by the track on its play with the urban current context, like chill out zone, open air amphitheatre, rock climbing wall, skate board area, open air market, etc.

Definitely a very rich new urban center, able by itself to compensate the lack of social cohesion and urban charm of this area.

  • Status: Competition.
  • Project Year: 2015.
  • Location: Viena, Austria.
  • Area: 7 ha.
  • Design: OOIIO Arquitectura.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Laura López Aspiroz, Ángel Gabriel Álamo Álamo.
  • Client: Europan 13.