Unbalance Hotel

Framing the Horizon.

We propose to create a frame-building ,despite containing a large amount of built volume, thanks to its peculiar shape, serves to add value to the landscape seen through it, and not interrupt the view.

A hotel with these characteristics and dimensions constructed in a traditional way would be a visual barrier, so we bet on a frame-building that hosts a huge program that could block the ocean´s view, but thanks to its peculiar shape, the landscape is now even more relevant, we have framed it! and the observer will appreciate both, sea and land through our building.

We have designed this singular hotel for a Latin American promoter interested in creating a unique, innovative and worldwide recognizable building with a moderate investment.The plot is located in front of the Pacific Ocean, in a quiet area outside of the city centre, hanging on a cliff with a relative height, that appears due to the proximity of the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. This interesting topography is what we take advantage of to start the hotel design.

The outstanding building silhouette immediately grabs pedestrians attention and it becomes actually a landmark for the more than 8 million inhabitants of Lima, and the whole Peru.

  • Status: Concept Design.
  • Project Year: 2013.
  • Location: Lima, Peru.
  • Area: 16.070 m2.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Lourdes Martinez Nieto, Cristina Vicario del Cojo, Patricia Moreno Blasco
  • Client: Private.