The shelf of the 3 Squares

Useful Geometry.

“The shelf of the 3 Squares” is a piece of furniture designed from the repetition of 3 geometries, welded together leaving a gap to occupied by another piece.
It is built with polished stainless steel, as this material creates an interesting visual effect that power definitely that replays game, with highlights, shades and brightness.

The composition of the 3 pieces height also allows for variety of departments to place objects such as plants, photos or vases, inhabiting the furniture and watching multiplied reflections of themselves in the mirrored sides of the shelfs.
It is certainly ideal for residential rooms or spaces distributors.

Status: Built.
Project Year: 2014.
Location: Spain.
Material: Polished Stainless Steel.
Dimensions: Length: 155, Width: 40, Height: 110 cm.
Design: OOIIO Things.
Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas & Jesús Reyes García.
Client: Private.