ARCO Madrid VIP Room

Digital Landscape.

OOIIO Architecture wins a Special Mention in the Architecture Contest organized by AD Magazine for the construction of the ARCO Madrid VIP Room, one of the most important International Contemporary Art Fairs in the world.

The design proposed by OOIIO aims to achieve a very original and fun VIP Room at the lowest possible cost, using the QBOX materials, which guarantee great creative possibilities, also achieving a 100% recyclable space.

People who visit ARCO Madrid usually end up saturated and tired after intense days of professional and commercial relationships, or simply after enjoying everything offered by the art galleries that participate in the fair. A lot of information that should rest when the time comes.
For this we decided to create a DIGITAL LANDSCAPE that helps visitors to escape, seeing themselves suddenly immersed in a new and fun world, designed to awaken sensations and play with the senses.
The visitor will suddenly find himself in a desert, in an oasis, in an area of rocky mountains, surrounded by vegetation, animals, pixelized natural elements. A funny and surprising DIGITAL LANDSCAPE.

Thanks to the design material with which we work, our proposal for the VIP Room is completely versatile and will be full of surprises and fun elements, which will awaken the senses and make the imagination of all visitors fly. We do not want a formal and boring design, but on the contrary, fresh and innovative.

We work with some materials on which it is very easy to draw and use it in performances. We propose that our digital landscape change, and be full of surprises, allowing several artists to use our figures as canvases, performing live art painting.

Our digital landscape will be full of life, a company specializing in mapping will collaborate with us, projecting previously designed images on certain points and objects, making the experience of visiting the VIP Room very unique and stimulating.

The VIP Room will be totally recyclable, thus proposing a sustainable design, in accordance with contemporary social demands and concerns. A design of the 21st century can not forget the respect for the environment. Our proposal does not.

Digital Landscape is a VIP Room proposal that will not leave anyone indifferent. Visiting it will be an experience, something to tell, the media will undoubtedly be set in a space as peculiar as the one we propose.

No doubt an original, striking and unique design, achieved by investing very few resources, for ARCO Madrid.

  • Status: Competition. Special Mention.
  • Project Year: 2016.
  • Location: Madrid, Spain.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture + Jesús Reyes.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Jesús Reyes García, Pilar Bolaños Almeida y Natalia Garmendia Cobo.
  • Client: ARCOmadrid – AD Magazine.