Zango Boulevard

Planned Urban Growth in Africa.

OOIIO proposes for Zango, a place near Luanda, Angola´s capital, an urban strategy based on the efficiency of invested resources and guarantee maximum profitability for the promoter / builder.
To get it, the main idea is to organize all the development around a large axis, a boulevard that will be the new backbone of the entire new neighborhood.

In the surroundings there is practically nothing attractive enough to make people go to live in this place, that’s why we decided to create that attraction center in the manner of a great boulevard that spreads the whole urbanization, at the same time that concentrates the services, facilitates the circulations and reduces the networks of services necessary for the new city, saving in execution costs.

The fact of building in a place where there is nothing interesting that could increase the value of new homes and get a higher return on the initial investment forces us to create a large urban space that attracts attention and can be easily developed by phases, with the advantage that each phase can be autonomous and valuable by itself. A great street capable of attracting not only new residents, but also businesses, offices, hotels, …
We have created “Zango Boulevard”!

Is a Masterplan of great dimensions in addition to many homes brings together many services such as schools and medical centers, public spaces, shops, and should even include offices and workplaces. How to organize all this efficiently and profitably allowing a simple organization in construction phases? By creating a large boulevard that will be an important urban space that will attract all the development towards it. From this boulevard will grow secondary streets and landscaped areas that will order the accesses to the different buildings.

We intend with this simple and economic strategy to favor a natural growth and easy to execute through phases.
Each of the execution phases can be autonomous by itself and meets all the premises indicated by the developer in terms of percentages of buildings of class A, B or C, always looking for maximum buildability thus ensuring the highest profitability, green areas and spaces sufficient public that will revalue the buildings built next to them, parking complying with the regulations (always on the surface, no underground parking that would increase building costs) and community services in their proper percentage to create a city, a place where it is pleasant to live and that is able to generate demand thanks to the good reputation that would immediately get an urbanization as well.


The buildings designed by OOIIO Architecture for this project have central courtyards that will always make life much more pleasant in them, thus favoring the cross ventilation of the houses, ideal for living in tropical climates like this, saving energy and facilitating the possibility that the construction company is shown in the market as a company concerned about the environment, sustainability and energy saving of its buildings, being cheaper in the long run also for end users. Undoubtedly a touch of distinction very attractive and demanded today in most of the world.

These courtyards generated inside the buildings complement the exterior gardens. The blocks of houses of type high class and average will obtain their status thanks to better finishes and to be located near gardens. Class C buildings, however, will have more open and large central courtyards to counter the fact that they do not have so many gardens nearby, which will favor community life and social relations.

<strong>The Buildings:

We propose attractive, easy and cheap to build buildings, and repetitive, so that by simply adding a few slight modifications of façade and qualities, we can have the feeling that we are facing completely different buildings and there is no feeling that the whole promotion is a “copy paste” boring and monotonous city.

With the combination of 7 different types of building we got a very interesting variety and richness, scrupulously sticking to the percentages that our client asked us as a premise.
There will be two types of building for class A, three for class B and two for class C. All of them with well-resolved, functional apartments with just square meters, so as not to overbuild and adjust investment costs well.

Each and every one of the apartments, whatever their class, can enjoy cross ventilation, and plenty of natural light, so that we guarantee energy efficiency, the best sales for real state and economy of use.
All the Zango Boulevard – Masterplan has been designed in such a way that all the buildings will have the best possible orientation, that is, the one that guarantees the greatest amount of sunlight coming through the windows of our blocks, something that is always a value much appreciated by customers when buying an apartment. Any sales team would appreciate this very positively.
Finishing materials will be want also simple and easy to find in the local market.

Public Buildings:

We didn´t want to leave aside the possibility of showing the great design opportunities offered by the public spaces of the Zango Boulevard Masterplan.
With a very moderate investment we can get a wide variety of public space situations. It is something that we already have experience in other large-scale projects that we have worked on in the past. We can get the squares, gardens, parks, streets and even parking lots of our project have a very contemporary aspect including small objects and landscaping projects in them, investing very little money in it.
This is something that serves to increase the added value and reputation of the entire Zango Boulevard promotion, and that is not very seen in some countries, since the competitors construction companies have never taken it into account in Angola.
We can also reduce the negative impact that large parking bags around buildings, playing for example drawing sports tracks on the ground or making small neighborhood pavilions on them. They can be used at those times of the day when the cars are not there because the owners go to work.

  • Status: Invited Competition. 1st Prize.
  • Project Year: 2015.
  • Location: Zango, Angola.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Elia Cuadrado Torrico, Paula Cánovas Ortiz, Denitsa Dimitrieva, Ruta Kraujutyte.
  • Client: Private Developer.