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EVENT. (Spain). OOIIO participates at the “Architecture Night Dinner”. (May_2015).

Grupo Vía and Smart Click Tour bring together a select group of architects on an event last Wednesday, May 6.

A very special gastronomic evening was held at the M29 restaurant, at the Hotel Miguel Angel in Madrid. A meeting between colleagues of profession in which some of the main offices of the city participated to talk about architecture, the tourist possibilities of Madrid, the timid recovery of the residential sector and the current affairs of the different offices, as well as to do balance of the first semester and enjoy the and enjoy the cuisine of chef Manuel Prats.

This fun event sponsored by Gira Smart Click and organized by Grupo Vía brought together an outstanding group of architects formed Antonio Alvarez-Cienfuegos (Estudio HAGO), Jorge Alonso (Chapman Taylor), Belén Moneo (Moneo Brock Studio), Joaquín Millán (OOIIO Architecture ), Israel Alba (Israel Alba Team), Carlos Temprano (Director of Architecture in Continental Europe for AECOM), Ángel Doral (Coordinator of the Department of Projects and Architecture of Grupo Ibosa) and Pablo Olalquiaga (Olaquiaga Architecture).

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EXHIBITION. (Spain). OOIIO´s work in “EXPORT”, the architectural exhibition in Museo ICO, Madrid. (Feb_2015)

Several OOIIO´s projects have been selected to be exhibited in “EXPORT. Spanish architecture abroad”, the most important architectural exhibition in Spain at the moment, which can be seen from 24 February to 15 May 2015 at the Museum of Madrid ICO.
The exhibition aims to show a current overview of how is the architectural practice beyond the Spanish borders. Its curator is the architect and blogger Edgar Gonzalez.

Link to an article about the exhibition in “”

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LECTURE. (Spain). “Workshop Internacionalization”. La Sede COAM, Madrid. (Oct-2014).

OOIIO is invited to lecture about their international projects in Peru and Brazil on the IX Madrid Week of Architecture. Those lectures about internationalization of Spanish and Madrilène architecture were organized by PINTA Platform at Madrid Chamber of Architects Headquarters in Spain.
Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s founder, presented several projects and living experiences at the workshop, trying to work through different countries.

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LECTURE. (Spain). Integration of the disabled. UNED, Madrid. (Nov_2014).

OOIIO explains at Escuelas Pías in Lavapiés, Madrid, the different work methods used in the studio during the past months for the integration of the disabled together with disabled people working in the studio, following UNED programs and the importance of the new technologies for overcoming barriers.

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INTERVIEW. (SPAIN). Jesús Reyes talks about the Public Space Project for San Miguel Square in Onda Cero. (Mar_2014).

Jesús Reyes, OOIIO´s Project Manager and Director of “OOIIO Things” furniture section, was interviewed at Onda Cero on the occasion of the recent award obtained by the OOIIO studio for the rehabilitation of the San Miguel Square in Talavera de la Reina. Throughout the interview were explained the different strategies that led the Public Space Project presented by OOIIO to win the first prize in the open contest organized by the Talavera City´s Council.

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PRIZE. (Spain). OOIIO wins 1st prize. (Mar_2014).

Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s Founder and Creative Director, receives the 1st Prize of the competition won by OOIIO for the Rehabilitation of Plaza del Salvador in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Ms María Rodríguez Ruiz, from Talavera´s Council gives him the Prize.

The project designed by OOIIO called “Culture Square” consist on the transformation of the city area into a open public accessible space with two scenes for celebrate out on the street different cultural events, so all the citizens will enjoy them easily.

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INTERVIEW. (Spain). Export Possibilities of Spanish Architecture. (Oct_2013).

Joaquín Millán, director and founder of OOIIO along with 12 other architects from Madrid were interviewed by the Vía Group about the export possibilities of Spanish Architecture beyond its borders, in a context in which internationalization is shown as one of the resources to survive of the studies of architecture of the country in front of the strong economic crisis that affects particularly to the sector of the construction.
The OOIIO study has several international projects running successfully.
(From minute 0:40 to 1:20).

Link to the interview video.

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). House SS2 breaks ground in Toledo. (Sep_2013).

House SS2 breaks ground! Construction works finally begun. It is a project for a Single Family House which is certainly a commitment to explore more contemporary and new ways of living in a rural environment. The volumetric richness of this house will not remain indifferent to the neighbors in this La Mancha village, which will be seeing in the coming months how the different pieces arise and make up the building. You could say that this is “the first house of the XXI century” in this town.

Link to the project description.

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LECTURE. (Italy). OOIIO at Chamber of Architects of Milan. (May_2013).

OOIIO shows its latest works at Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. della Provincia di Milano, on the lecture organized by the European Association for the Architecture “Wonderland” the past month of May in the Italian city.

Joaquín Millán, representing OOIIO, talked about the office progress though a very complicated economical context and how an architectural company build from cero can start working and try to success nowadays.

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