OOIIO is a team of Designers and Construction Professionals specialized in Singular Architecture based in Madrid.

In OOIIO we know that not every construction is architecture.
We do Architecture.

In OOIIO we approach projects of all sizes and types: from the design of a chair to a house, a stable, an apartment block, an urban public space…

But always with a clear objective: to get the SINGULARITY in the final result.
We propose fresh and innovative architectural solutions, full of originality and surprise to the different problems that our clients raise.
In OOIIO we flee from boredom and repetition. Our team works with PASSION and full dedication to find that “something” that makes a work special, that excites and transmits feelings.

OOIIO is an architecture studio with great experience and TALENT that has executed many successful projects over the last decade.
While the construction market collapsed due to the international financial crisis, OOIIO grew and settled as one of the most active emerging architecture studios in the country.

The secret of our work has been to get a lot, with little. Know how to manage limited resources well.


Some of the awards and recognitions of OOIIO´s work are:

2019 _ Award. “Silver A’ Design Award in Architecture” awarded in Teatro Sociale di Como, Italy, for “Velazquez House”.
2019 _ Award. “International Architecture Awards 2019 to the best Urban Design”. 2nd Prize to our urban refurbishment projects for San Miguel Square and El Salvador Square in Talavera de la Reina, Spain.
2018 _ Award. International Prize “2018 Leading Designers Awards” to the Most Innovative Architecture Studio in Spain.
2018 _ Award. International Prize “Build Architecture Awards 2018″ to the Best Specialist Studio of the Year.
2018 _ Award. International Prize “Build Architecture Awards 2018″ to the Best Renovation Project of the Year for “Horse Riding Field in Cattle Farm”.
2018 _ 2nd Prize. Architecture Competition for the Refurbishment of Íscar Main Square, Valladolid, Spain. “Fields of Castilla”.
2018 _ Award. Shortlisted for International Architecture Prize “WAN Award, Small Spaces” with OOIIO´s Turist Information Office in Lanzarote “i-Rock”.
2018 _ 3rd Prize. Architecture Competition for Civic Center and Library in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. “Black & White”.
2017 _ Special Mention. International Competition for Urbanisme Europan 14, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. “The end of -Efecto Arenal-”.
2017 _ Award. “American Architecture Prize 2017 to the best Urban Design”. International Architecture Prize to our refurbishment projects for San Miguel Square and El Salvador Square awarded in New York, in October 2017.
2017 _ Award. Shortlisted for International Architecture Prize “WAN Award, Colour in Architecture 2016″ to our refurbishment projects for San Miguel Square and El Salvador Square.
2017 _ Award. “Emporia de Plata” to the Best Urban Information Point designed in Spain with OOIIO´s Turist Information Office in Lanzarote “i-Rock”.
2017 _ 1st Prize. Urban Competition for the development of Zango, Angola. “Zango Boulevard”.
2017 _ Award. Shortlisted for YAYA 2017 “Young Architect of the Year Award 2017″ Building Design, recognizing the best young architect in Europe.
2016 _ Award. “Best of the Best in Architecture” for AI Global Media.
2016 _ Award. “Architect of the Year” for BUILD Magazine, United Kingdom.
2016 _ Merit Award. Competition for the design of the VIP Area at the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCO Madrid. “Digital Landscape”.
2016 _ 1st Prize. Open call for proposals. Spanish Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016. “The architecture and the refugees tale”.
2015 _ Finalists. International Architectural Prize Matimex. “Hotel Benidorm”.
2015 _ 1st Prize. Public Competition for Building Rehabilitation. “Offices for New Entrepreneurs in Madridejos”.
2015 _ Finalists. Nyova Chair Design Competition. “Monster Chair”.
2015 _ Finalists. Nyova Lamp Design Competition. “Gap Lamp”.
2015 _ 3rd Prize. Lamp Design Competition. “Spider Lamp”.
2015 _ 1st Prize. Public Competition for New Building. “Offices for New Entrepreneurs in Mora”.
2014 _ Merit Award. New Generations in Architecture. “OOIIO´s Philosophy”.
2014 _ 1st Prize. Furnit-U Furniture Competition. “Angled Stool”.
2014 _ 1st Prize. Urban Programme. “Rehabilitation of San Miguel Square, Talavera de la Reina”.
2014 _ 1st Prize. Competition for Turist Office Building for Cabildo de Lanzarote. “i-Rock”.
2014 _ 1st Prize. Urban Programme. “Rehabilitation of Salvador Square, Talavera de la Reina”.
2013 _ 2nd Prize. Europan 12. “Housing and Wellness Center in Kuopio, Finland”.
2010 _ Merit Award. International Competition for Mix Use Tower in Taichung. “Taiwan Tower”.

Joaquín Millán_OOIIO Arquitectura Singular_BN

OOIIO´s Founder and CEO.


Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, ETSAM. After working in some of the most important and influential architecture studios in the contemporary scene such as those of Norman Foster (London) or Rem Koolhaas (Rotterdam), he founded OOIIO, somewhere in the center of Spain in 2010, as a laboratory of Architecture and City ​​capable of providing architectural quality and uniqueness to each work.
Joaquín leads OOIIO´s Architecture work, looking for emotion, imagination and aesthetics in each project, always relying on the crutches of reason, technique and efficiency.
He has been architecture assistant professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, ETSAM, while developing the PhD, as well as in several seminars and universities in Europe and Latin America. Joaquín Millán also regularly gives lectures showing OOIIO Architecture´s projects in different forums. His work has been exhibited, awarded and published in multiple magazines, books and blogs around the world.


Garmendia Cobo,Natalia
Garmendia Cobo, Natalia. (SP). (2015-today) Architect & Project Manager
Reyes García, Jesús
Reyes García, Jesús. (ES). (2013-today) Architect & Project Manager
Almela Sena, Martina
Almela Sena, Martina. (SP). (2018-today) Architect
Musumeci, Ágata Aurora
Musumeci, Ágata Aurora. (IT). (2019-today) Architect
Düdonyte, Milda
Dūdonytė, Milda. (LT). (2017-today) Architect
Pérez Escudero, Paula
Pérez Escudero, Paula. (ES). (2019-today) Architectural Student
Ruíz Rodríguez, Antonio
Ruíz Rodríguez, Antonio. (SP). (2014-today) ArchitectCivil Engineer
Stoimenov, Boris
Stoimenov, Boris. (BG). (2018-today) Architect
Lin, Ting-Yi
Lin, Ting-Yi. (TW). (2018-2019) Architectural Student
Tsagkari, Dimitra
Tsagkari, Dimitra. (GR). (2018) Architectural Student
Medina Montoya,Sandra Milena
Medina Montoya, Sandra. (CO). (2018) Architectural Student
Górna, Agniezska
Górna, Agnieszka. (PL). (2018) Architectural Student
Haja, Kamila
Haja, Kamila. (PL). (2018) Architectural Student
Kurowska, Paulina
Kurowska, Paulina. (PL). (2018) Architectural Student
Kosenko, Alexander
Kosenko, Alexander. (GE). (2018) Architectural Student
Buxai, Iulian-Radu
Buxai, Iulian-Radu. (RO). (2018) Architectural Student
Gómez Marín, Marina
Gómez Marín, Marina. (SP). (2018) Architectural Student
OOIIO Architecture
Jeannin, Loïc. (FR). (2018) Architectural Student
OOIIO Arquitectura
Toulgaridis, Costis. (GR). (2017-2018) Architect
OOIIO Arquitectura
Montedoro, Claudia. (IT). (2017-2018) Architect
Bialonczyk, Adrianna
Bialonczyk, Adrianna. (PL). (2017-2018) Architectural Student
Mercorillo, Paolo
Mercorillo, Paolo. (IT). (2017) Architect
Lazcano, Julia
Lazcano, Julia. (BR). (2017) Architectural Student
Cihanli, Gizem
Cihanli, Gizem. (TU). (2017) Architect
Esgin, Melodi
Esguin, Melodi. (TU). (2017) Architect
Mameli, Érica
Mameli, Érica. (IT). (2017) Architect
Álvarez Cerviño, Marta
Álvarez Cerviño, Marta. (SP). (2017) Architectural Student
Delacour, Zoé
Delacour, Zoé. (FR). (2017) Architectural Student
Espinosa Velázquez, Sofía
Espinosa Velázquez, Sofia. (MX). (2017) Architect
Guerim, Kelly
Guerim, Kelly. (BR). (2017) Architectural Student
Arnaudo, Sandra
Arnaudo, Sandra. (FR). (2017) Architectural Student
Bolaños Almeida, Pilar
Bolaños Almeida, Pilar. (SP). (2016-2017) Architect
Llamazares Contreras, Ester
Llamazares Contreras, Ester. (SP). (2016-2017) Architect
Muñoz Hermoso, Marta
Muñoz Hermoso, Marta. (SP). (2016-2017) Architectural Student
Golimbiovschi, Ciprian
Golimbiovschi, Ciprian. (RO). (2016) Architect
Dascalu, Adrian
Dascalu, Ioan Adrian. (RO). (2016) Architect
Carambia, Gaetano
Carambia, Gaetano. (IT). (2016) Architect
Sowa, Gabrysia
Sowa, Gabrysia. (PL). (2016) Product Designer
Muñoz Fernández, Irene. (SP). (2016) Architectural Student
Runci, Alessio
Runci, Alessio. (IT). (2015-2016) Architect
Ferrara, Gaia
Ferrara, Gaia. (IT). (2015) Architect
Laguna Sánchez, María del Mar
Laguna Sánchez, María del Mar. (SP). (2015) Architect
Cuadrado Torrico, Elia
Cuadrado Torrico, Elia. (SP). (2015) Architectural Student
Cánovas Ortiz, Paula
Cánovas Ortiz, Paula. (SP). (2015) Architectural Student
González Fernández, Francisco. (SP). (2015) Architect
Polvorinos, Magdalena (Medium)
Polvorinos Caeiro, Magdalena. (SP). (2013-2015) Architect
Velandrino, Sergio (Medium)
Velandrino Poveda, Sergio. (SP). (2013-2015) Civil Engineer
Macías, María Ángeles_BN
Macías Cristo, María Ángeles. (SP). (2014-2015) Architect
Nakano, Joyce Kimi. (BR). (2014) Architectural Student
Presentación de PowerPoint
Cardenas Eyzaguirre, Miguel. (PE). (2014) Architectural Student
González, Sergio 2 (Medium)
González Gómez, Sergio. (SP). (2013-2014) Architect
Sanz, Gabriela
Sanz Rodríguez, María Gabriela. (SP). (2013-2014) Architect
Hudyka, Silwya_BN
Hudyka, Silwya. (PL). (2014) Architectural Student
Melanie Ayquipa Arróspide
Ayquipa Arróspide, Melanie. (PE). (2014) Architect
Pamela F Becerra Chavez bachiller arquitectura
Becerra Chavez, Pamela F. (PE). (2014) Bachelor in Architecture
Maria Angela Mejía León-egresada
Mejía, María Ángela. (PE). (2014) Architect
Sánchez Mesa, Teresa. (SP). (2014) Architectural Student
foto cv
García de Blas Gómez, María Ana. (SP). (2014) Architect
Moya Paniagua, Gloria. (SP). (2014) Architectural Student
Peyron Enjuanes, Mª Eugenia. (SP). (2014) Architect
Rodriguez, Anjara. (PE). (2014) Bachelor in Architecture
Vicario, Cristina (Medium)
Vicario del Cojo, Cristina. (SP). (2011-2014) Architect & 3D designer
Naranjo, Juan (Medium)
Naranjo García, Juan. (SP). (2013) Architectural Student
Sánchez Puerta, Isa2 (Medium)
Sánchez Puerta, Isabel. (SP). (2013) Architectural Student
Antón Vicente, Mari Sol (Medium)
Antón Vicente,  Mª. Soledad. (SP). (2013) Architectural Student
Moreno Blasco, Patricia (Medium)
Moreno Blasco, Patricia. (SP). (2013) Architectural Student
Gómez Mendiguchía, Belén2 (Medium)
Gómez Mendiguchía, Belén. (SP). (2013) Architect
Villoria Casado, Lorena (Medium)
Villoria Casado, Lorena. (SP). (2013) Architectural Student
Cesáire, Clarence (Medium)
Cesáire, Clarence. (FR). (2013) Architect
Maroto Gómez, Ana (Medium)
Maroto Gómez, Ana Rosa. (SP). (2013) Architectural Student
Martinez Nieto, Lourdes2
Martínez Nieto, Lourdes. (SP). (2012-2013) Architect
Luis Alberto Embid Diaz BN
Embid Díaz, Luis Alberto. (SP). (2012) Architect
Sahyoun Motiño, Adel (Medium)
Sahyoun Motiño, Adel. (SP). (2012) Architect
Velasco Mayordomo, Sergio (Medium)
Velasco Mayordomo, Sergio. (SP). (2012) Architect & 3D designer
Jimeno, Ignacio
Jimeno, Ignacio. (SP). (2012) Civil Engineer
Ortiz de Zárate, Estíbaliz. (SP). (2012) Architect
Cerratos, Beatriz
Cerratos Vázquez,  Beatriz. (SP). (2012) Architect
Jara, María BN
Jara Jiménez, María. (SP). (2011-2012) Architect
Sánchez Urrutia, Javier (Medium)
Urrutia Sánchez, Javier. (SP). (2011-2012) Architect
Sánchez Torrecilla, Ana
Sánchez Torrecilla, Ana. (SP). (2011) Architectural Student
Mendicuti, Ana2
Mendicuti Moreno, Ana. (SP). (2011) Architect
Knop, Nicola
Knop, Nicola. (GE). (2011) Architect
Siejak, Joanna (Medium)
Siejak, Joanna. (PL). (2011) Architect
Ortega, Juan José
Ortega, Juan José. (SP). (2010-2011) Architect & 3D designer
D íncceco, Emiliano (Medium)
D’Incecco, Emiliano. (IT). (2010-2011) Architect